APSD of Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)

The APSD measurement of Dry Powder Inhalers is typically performed under the same conditions as DDU testing, however a Preseparator is typically interposed between the induction port and stage 0 of cascade impactor to capture the large, non-inhalable carrier particles, to prevent impactor over-loading (when using an NGI or ACI). As for delivered dose testing of DPIs, test flow rate is set on the basis of a 4 kPa pressure drop across the device, to approximate the mean patient inhalation flow rate achieved during clinical use.

Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI)

NGI Preseparator

For the collection of large mass, non-inhalable powder blouses typically emitted from a DPI prior to entry into the impactor, to prevent impactor over-loading.

  • High capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Two-stage separation
  • Sharp and reproducible cut-point between 10-15 microns (depending on flow rate)
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Induction Port P1 Measurement Adapter

Used together with the Critical Flow Controller, the Induction Port P1 Measurement Adapter can be placed between the inhaler and the induction port to measure the pressure drop (P1) over the inhaler under test in the absence of a DUSA for DPIs.

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Semi-Automation Tools

Improve efficiency
Reduce variability
Eliminate handling error
Increase testing capacity

How Does a Cascade Impactor Work?

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