APSD of Nasal Products

Nasal drug products typically produce droplets larger than 10-20 microns, to ensure nasal deposition and minimise deposition within the lungs. However, a proportion of fine droplets in the <10 micron range may also be produced. Deposition of this respirable fraction beyond the nasal tract may be undesirable and must be quantified. Aerodynamic particle sizing with a cascade impactor is a US FDA requirement and is recommended in USP <601> to assess potential deposition beyond the nasal cavity.

Our nasal product testing solutions enable better, more informative testing in line with evolving market requirements.

The angle of the impactor can be adjusted to replicate the angle that the nasal powder device may be used at to investigate device performance under representative conditions. The APSD measurement is unaffected by gravimetric forces.

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We also offer a range of equipment for additional nebuliser testing application support:

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How Does a Cascade Impactor Work?

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