Environmental Control

Both Ph. Eur. and USP specifically reference the control of environmental conditions in cases where temperature and/or humidity limits are stated on the product label and/or it is specified in the relevant monograph. However, it is also good practice to implement environmental controls across all DDU and APSD testing applications to reduce variability and improve the accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of data. We offer a range of cost-effective tools designed to help mitigate the impact of localised environmental conditions on OINDP test data integrity.

Anti-Static Grounding Kit

Dissipating electrostatic charge build-up introduced during handling of the test apparatus, inhaler and other non-conductive items coming into contact with the laboratory bench during test preparation, the Anti-Static Grounding Kit safely grounds the analyst for effective static elimination. The Anti-Static Grounding Kit contains:

  • A comfortable and adjustable user wristband

  • 1 x bench mat

  • 1 x earth plug for grounding (UK, EU and US versions available)