Environmental Control

Both Ph. Eur. and USP specifically reference the control of environmental conditions in cases where temperature and/or humidity limits are stated on the product label and/or it is specified in the relevant monograph. However, it is also good practice to implement environmental controls across all DDU and APSD testing applications to reduce variability and improve the accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of data. We offer a range of cost-effective tools designed to help mitigate the impact of localised environmental conditions on OINDP test data integrity.

Electrostatic Eliminator

Designed to effectively eliminate electrostatic charge over the lab bench area, the Electrostatic Eliminator is an efficient ioniser that is capable of neutralising static across a broad area, while still providing a comfortable working environment for analysts.

  • Excellent coverage over a wide area (2 m x 0.6 m)

  • Rapid electrostatic discharge

  • Compact, benchtop unit