Automated Shake, Fire and Flow Control for MDIs, Nasal Sprays and Aerosols

Vertus® III+ is a fully automated benchtop shake and fire system for precision-controlled, highly repeatable MDI, nasal spray and nasal aerosol testing, with integral shot weight measurement and static elimination.

Automatic Weighing. An integrated analytical balance is used to collect shot weight data at any point of the method.

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Anti-static control: The integrated Static Eliminator minimises electrostatic
charge build-up.

Vertus III+ is suitable for testing MDIs, nasal sprays and nasal aerosols. Each device is clipped securely into a holder.

Shake parameter control ensures the required motion is achieved. It is precisely controlled, completely configurable and repeatable.

Firing can be configured to apply up to three distinct forces per actuation. These are typically used to set forces that detect, insert and fire the canister.

Precision Control

Interchangeable interface plates make switching between collection devices quick and simple.

Large, modern and intuitive touchscreen on adjustable arm for greater accessibility.

Vertus® III+

Vertus III+ offers all the functionality of Vertus III, but in addition has an integrated 5 decimal place weighing balance which automatically records the mass of the MDI or nasal device at any point during a method. The integrated Static Eliminator minimises electrostatic charge build-up to help reduce variability in shot weight measurements.

With Vertus III+ even complex methods requiring shot weight collection can be fully automated, to the point of push button, walkaway operation, freeing analysts for more productive tasks, while at the same time, boosting data integrity.

Key Features: Vertus® III+

Ph. Eur., EMA, USP, FDA, ChP and NMPA compliant

21 CFR part 11 compliant

Precise control over all test parameters

Integrated shot weight measurement

Built-in Static Eliminator

Suitable for a wide range of devices

Compatible with all standard collection devices

In situ impactor leak testing capability

Wide range of data output options

Precision-controlled, highly repeatable MDI, nasal spray and nasal aerosol testing

Vertus® III+ offers absolute control over a wide range of specific method parameters, including:

  • Shaking profile (including speed, angle and duration)
  • Time between shake and fire
  • Firing profile (including force, pause, fire down, rise and release time)
  • Air flow through system

The Vertus® Range – Automated Shake and Fire Systems for MDIs and Nasal Sprays

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Vertus III with Priming & Waste Module

NEW: Priming & Waste Module

Included as standard, the new Priming & Waste Module integrates firing-to-waste into automated test methods, enabling compendial entire contents testing with minimal manual input.

Each interface plate can be placed directly on top of the Priming & Waste Module. Vertus III and Vertus III+ can switch automatically between priming and test levels, firing-to-waste or to dose collection as required, without operator intervention. This enables highly efficient testing procedures, most notably to meet through-life test requirements for DDU and APSD.

Exhaust Port Vertus

NEW: Exhaust Port

The Exhaust Port supports the efficient extraction of flammable propellants or high potency drugs where additional safety measures are required, for example, as part of pMDI reformulation studies.

Vertus® III+ Interface Plates

All Vertus® III+ interface plates are interchangeable, meaning analysts can easily swap between collection devices. No tools are required, simply lift and switch!

Over 40 collection device combinations are available, a selection of which are shown below. For a full list of all available interface plates, contact us at

DUSA Stack with Priming & Waste Module

DUSA Interface Plate for Nasal Sprays

Next Generation Impactor NGI with Priming & Waste Module

Andersen Cascade Impactor ACI with Glass Expansion Chamber

Andersen Cascade Impactor ACI with Priming & Waste Module

Next Generation Impactor NGI with Alberta Idealised Nasal Inlet AINI

Spray Force Tester SFT

Thin Layer Chromatography TLC Plate for Spray Pattern

Method Transfer: DecaVertus® III

Vertus® III+ is fully compatible with DecaVertus® III. Therefore methods can be easily transferred between systems as the product proceeds to commercialisation, with DecaVertus used in production to alleviate the burden of MDI through-life testing.

Find Out More: DecaVertus®

Vertus® III+: Technical Specifications

Device compatibility:

Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs), Nasal Sprays, Nasal Aerosols

Shot weight measurement:


Static Eliminator included:


Dimensions (w x d x h):

1020 x 510 x 920 mm

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