Automated Shake, Fire and Flow Control for MDIs, Nasal Sprays and Aerosols

DecaVertus®  III is a fully-automated, high throughput 10-way shake and fire to waste system for metered dose inhaler (MDI) testing.

DecaVertus® III

Automating firing-to-waste for through life testing of up to ten MDIs per test run, the DecaVertus III is a high-throughput system for reproducible, controlled testing.

Highly advantageous from the perspective of enhancing test repeatability, conserving analyst time and eliminating the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI), DecaVertus III ensures firing-to-waste occurs under closely controlled conditions, eliminating potential sources of variability from testing.

Key Features: DecaVertus® III

Ph. Eur., EMA, USP, FDA, ChP and NMPA compliant

21 CFR part 11 compliant

Holds either can-only or can in-actuator

Samples up to 10 inhalers at a time

Fires-to-waste under closely controlled conditions

Independent air flow control per channel

Large, modern and intuitive touchscreen control

DecaVertus exhaust port

NEW: Exhaust Port

The Exhaust Port supports the efficient extraction of flammable propellants or high potency drugs where additional safety measures are required, for example, as part of pMDI reformulation studies.

DecaVertus® III – 10-Way Automated Shake & Fire-to-Waste

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Method Transfer: Vertus® III Range

As DecaVertus III is fully compatible with the Vertus® III range, methods can be easily transferred between systems, enabling the same parameters to be used for dose collection on Vertus III and through life firing-to-waste on DecaVertus.

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DecaVertus III®: Technical Specifications

Device compatibility:

Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs)

Inhaler capacity:

Up to 10 MDIs per run

Dimensions (w x d x h):

1130 x 630 x 370 mm

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