Vacuum Pumps

At the heart of every inhaler testing system is the Pump. The Pharmacopoeias are careful to point out that “a vacuum pump with excess capacity must be selected in order to draw air at the designated volumetric flow rate” through the system and in the case of Dry Powder Inhalers, to generate sonic flow.
We offer a choice of three pumps dependent on the set-up concerned and the capacity required.

HCP6 Vacuum Pump

HCP6 - High Capacity Vacuum Pump

An established high capacity pump for the higher, sonic flow rate testing requirements of DPIs (though it can equally well be used for MDIs, Nebulisers, ADIs, Nasal Sprays and Nasal Aerosols), the HCP6 high capacity pump achieves maximum flow rates of up to 416 L/min.

  • Low maintenance

  • Small unit footprint

  • Oil-free

  • Left and right vacuum inlets – choose where to place pump in system

  • Self-sealing compound carbon vanes continually adjust so that the pump effectively performs with ‘as new’ efficiency throughout its service life

HCP6 high Capacity Vacuum Pumps

Boost Performance

Where the flow rate produced by the HCP6 is still not adequate, it is possible to connect a second HCP6 to the primary pump to give a maximum unregulated flow rate of up to 833 L/min, for example when testing DPIs under sonic flow conditions with the NGI, at high flow rates. Appropriate hose fittings are supplied with all HCP6 units to allow them to be operated in this way.

HCP6 Technical Specifications
HCP6 x 1
HCP6 x 2
Rotary vane
Rotary vane
Max. flow in L/Min (unrestricted):
Max. sonic flow through NGI:
Max. vacuum level:
<15 kPa
<15 kPa
Routine maintenance:
Dimensions (w x d x h):
322 x 580 x 390 mm
750 x 580 x 390 mm

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