Semi-Automation for APSD Testing

Copley supplies a broad range of labour-saving devices and semi-automated systems for Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution applications.

Impactor Coater – IC 100i

Impactor Coater™ IC 200i – Automated Impaction Surface Coating

The Impactor Coater™ IC 200i reproducibly applies surface coatings to both the NGI Collection Cups and for the first time, ACI Collection Plates, eliminating the issue of particle bounce and re-entrainment when using cascade impactors to measure the APSD of OINDPs.

Standardising the application of surface coating to each collection surface, the IC 200i removes the inherent variability associated with the coating process, while boosting laboratory productivity and throughput.


NGI Collection Cups

ACI Collection Plates

User interface


Dispense Rate

0 – 100%

Dispense and Reverse Cycle Time

0 – 10 minutes

Product Features

Coats surfaces in as little as 2 minutes

Frees up analysts for other tasks

Enables easy method transfer between sites

Minimises coating solution wastage

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