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Inhalation Article: December 2019 (225kb)

Optimizing the role of automation in variability reduction strategies for delivered dose uniformity (DDU) and aerodynamic particle...

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Inhalation Article: April 2019 (260kb)

The regulatory landscape for OINDPs – the biggest shake-up in a generation?

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ONdrugDelivery Article: December 2018 (2mb)

Variability in cascade impaction: sources, impact and strategies for reduction

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White Paper: October 2018 (460kb)


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Drug Development & Delivery Article: April 2018 (2mb)

Optimizing the Application of In Vitro Test Methods for the Demonstration of Bioequivalence in Orally Inhaled Products

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PMPS Article (Samedan): February 2018 (188kb)

Demonstrating Bioequivalence of Orally Inhaled Products

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White Paper: February 2018 (546kb)

Optimising the application of in vitro test methods for the demonstration of BE in OIPs

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American Pharmaceutical Review Article: Nov/Dec 2017 (2mb)

Characterizing the Performance of Metered Dose Inhalers with Add-On Devices: New Methods For Clinically Relevant Testing

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Household & Personal Care Article: May/June 2017 (3mb)

The Tergotometer: an efficient solution for testing laundry detergents in the laboratory

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SOFW Artikel: April 2017 (Deutsch) (4mb)

Prüfung von Waschmitteln: Erarbeiten von effizienten Methoden für Formulierung, QK und Vergleichsstudien

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Testing Detergents – SOFW Article: April 2017 (English) (4mb)

Establishing Efficient Methods for Formulation, QC and Comparative Assessment

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