Semi-Automation for DDU Testing

All of the tests involved in Delivered Dose Uniformity require the collection and drug recovery of individual doses into the collection tube of a Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) appropriate to its type (MDI or DPI) prior to assay.
To maximise throughput, most users utilise a number of collection tubes to collect the required samples. Once the samples have been collected, solvent is added to each of the tubes and the tubes shaken manually to facilitate drug recovery.

DUSA Shaker

DUSA Shaker™ Highlights

Accepting DUSAs for both MDIs and DPIs, the rinsing action is achieved by a combination of lateral (side-to-side) shaking whilst simultaneously rolling the sealed collection tubes. This ensures all internal surfaces are wetted and that agitation is performed with a consistent, smooth but vigorous action. Note: To allow rotation, the DUSA Shaker™ is only compatible with DPI collection tubes that have the P1 port blanking plug fitted. Alternatively, DPI Collection Tubes without the P1 port are available (Cat No. 8608A).

  • Accepts up to 21 MDI or 12 DPI collection tubes

  • Ensures fast and repeatable drug sample recovery

  • Reduces risk of RSI

  • No need for clamps or other fixtures to hold tubes in position

  • Tubes can be added/removed at any time

  • Small benchtop footprint (570 mm (w) x 610 mm (d))

  • Low noise output

  • Full supporting IQ/OQ documentation is available

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