Semi-Automation for APSD Testing

Copley supplies a broad range of labour-saving devices and semi-automated systems for Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution applications.

Gentle Rocker 100i

Gentle Rocker 100i - NGI Sample Recovery

New for 2022, the Gentle Rocker 100i is a simple, cost-effective device designed to boost the productivity and repeatability of APSD measurements with the NGI. Comprising of a pivoting platform designed to accept the NGI Collection Cup Tray, the Gentle Rocker 100i applies a consistent, defined agitation pattern to ensure well-controlled and complete drug dissolution. The Gentle Rocker 100i enables the application of specific, reproducible methods and easy method transfer, delivering reliable results and a lighter analytical workload.

  • Variable agitation speed

  • Convenient tilting functionality to facilitate effective solution sampling post drug recovery

  • Extensive reporting options

  • Dust cover included (Optional: solvent evaporation eliminating covers available)

  • Full supporting IQ/OQ documentation is available

Gentle Rocker 100i Technical Specifications
User interface:
Agitation speed:
10 - 60 RPM
Dimensions (w x d x h):
600 x 170 x 230 mm

Gentle Rocker 100i - Teaser Video

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