APSD of Nasal Products

Nasal sprays, nasal aerosols and nasal powders typically produce droplets in the range 20-200 microns, which is outside the effective range of cascade impactors. However, each may deliver a proportion of fine droplets in the <10 micron range. It is important to quantify this FPD since it can penetrate beyond the nasal tract and into the lower respiratory tract or lungs, which may be undesirable. Regulators recommend the use of a cascade impactor in conjunction with a high volume expansion chamber to quantify the amount of drug in the <10 micron range, to assess the potential risk of deposition in the lungs.

Nasal Sprays: Semi-Automated APSD Measurement

The Vertus automated shake, fire and shot waste range is made up of integrated turn-key solutions for precise, controlled and reproducible nasal spray testing. Compatible with most nasal sprays, the Vertus II or Vertus Plus offers analysts complete control over:

  • The speed, angle and duration of shaking, ahead of actuation
  • Firing force and the speed of application and release of that force
  • The time delay between the end of shaking and device actuation

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Related Applications

We also offer a range of equipment for additional nebuliser testing application support:

Semi-Automation Tools

Improve efficiency
Reduce variability
Eliminate handling error
Increase testing capacity

How Does a Cascade Impactor Work?

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