DDU of Nasal Products

Recent developments in nasal delivery systems has resulted in greater focus on different uses for drug delivery. With great potential for rapid drug absorption into the turbinates and lymphoid tissues located at the back of the nasal cavity, focus has shifted to absorption into the systemic circulation and central nervous system for a wider range of treatments.

Our nasal aerosol testing solutions enable better, more informative testing in line with evolving market requirements.

Nasal Spray Dose Collector (NSDC)

Specially designed for DDU testing, the NSDC has an optimised internal geometry to eliminate splashback, drips and leakage following actuation to ensure complete aerosol dose capture every time.

Designed for use with the Vertus® II/Plus automated shake and fire systems, the NSDC enables reproducible and time efficient nasal aerosol testing. It can also be used as a standalone device for the manual dose collection of nasal aerosols.

Nasal Spray Waste Collector (NSWC)

Streamlining nasal spray wasting, the NSDC is designed to collect high volumes of waste aerosol doses with no splashback onto the nozzle for safe and convenient disposal of waste drug product.

Designed for use with the Vertus® II/Plus automated shake and fire systems, the NSDC improves the speed and efficiency of nasal aerosol wasting.

Vertus® Series – Automated Shake and Fire Systems for MDIs and Nasal Sprays

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Manual Nasal Aerosol Testing

As recommended in Ph. Eur. 0676 and USP <601>, we also offer the Inhaler Testing Workstation ITW with a DUSA holder that can be oriented in a vertical or near-vertical position for more representative manual nasal aerosol DDU testing.

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Semi-Automation Tools

Improve efficiency
Reduce variability
Eliminate handling errors
Increase testing capacity

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